Orthodontics in Cali

Oral Hygiene And Prevention

It is necessary to perform a professional cleaning before initiating an orthodontic treatment to maintain oral health and avoid debonding of braces. It is also important for our oral hygiene to carry out this cleaning regularly (every 3 to 6 months approximately). Despite several advances in orthodontic treatments, the elimination of oral biofilm (dental plaque containing bacteria) in highly retentive areas continues to be a major challenge. This accumulation of plaque can cause gingival inflammation, cavities and halitosis. To avoid these [...]

Ortodoncia Invisible en Cali

Dental Retainers

Orthodontic retainers are the post-treatment devices that maintain tooth position which was achieved through orthodontic treatment. Retainers must be used for a long period of time. They are invisible trays that allow you to smile comfortably and without being perceived, they keep your teeth in a proper position. The fixed retainer is a wire that is bonded to the teeth on their inside (lingual) surface, to maintain retention aesthetically. The conventional retainer consists of a wire that passes through the external (buccal) [...]

Maxillofacial Surgery

In our practice we are pioneers in this technique (SF), which offers the possibility to place the braces two to three days before surgery, avoiding the deterioration of facial structures and obtaining results in less time. When there are discrepancies between the maxillary bone and the jaw and it’s affecting the patient’s bite and facial aesthetics, the treatment must include orthodontics plus surgery. This treatment consists of three (3) stages: Decompensation and dental alignment with braces. Surgical intervention to reposition jaws, performed by [...]

Invisible Orthodontics

Lingual Orthodontics is a treatment that involves braces which are glued on the inside surface of the teeth, known as the lingual surface. Since these braces are located on the inside surface, they’re totally invisible, making the treatment extremely comfortable. It is the only totally invisible system on the market that offers the same results as conventional braces. With this technique almost any problem can be solved. eBrace Harmony Incognito It is an alternative treatment [...]

Orthodontics For Kids And Teens

Having a healthy and bright smile is the first best impression at any age, and it’s especially important during teenage years since at this stage, self-confidence is being developed and a person starts to participate more actively in society. Adolescence is the best time to start Orthodontic treatments since excellent results are achieved in shorter times, taking advantage of the jaws calcification level and the whole dental replacement process that’s completed during these years. Maintaining good oral health habits will ensure [...]

Orthodontics For Adults

Even though Orthodontic techniques vary according to the age, there is currently no age limit to carry out an Orthodontic treatment. Many gum issues and missing teeth problems are solved today by using Orthodontics. Having an Orthodontic treatment or wearing braces doesn’t mean there will be radical changes in your daily life as an adult, rather than a slight discomfort at first. On the other hand, you will start being more careful with your oral hygiene, using a mouth guard [...]


In the first place, the Orthodontist will carry out a clinical examination of the patient where he will carefully check all orofacial structures, including the mouth. A medical record will  be filled out, where the clinician will establish the presence or absence of cavities, characteristics of the gums, patient’s oral hygiene, and all surrounding soft tissues (for example, lips and cheeks). The way the patient breathes and swallows will also be recorded, as well as their posture. After this examination [...]