Orthodontics For Kids And Teens

Having a healthy and bright smile is the first best impression at any age, and it’s especially important during teenage years since at this stage, self-confidence is being developed and a person starts to participate more actively in society.

Adolescence is the best time to start Orthodontic treatments since excellent results are achieved in shorter times, taking advantage of the jaws calcification level and the whole dental replacement process that’s completed during these years.

Maintaining good oral health habits will ensure a healthy and attractive smile for a lifetime.

ortodoncia jovenes cali

Early Treatment

The ideal age to visit the Orthodontist is approximately 7 years old. With the evaluation carried out, the idea is to discover if the child presents growth problems, dental crowding or discrepancies so that they can be promptly corrected, before puberty ends.


  • Treatment lasts less time in comparison to conventional braces.
  • They retain less food and plaque since ligatures are not needed.
  • In most cases, it isn’t necessary to extract teeth since these braces generate more space to align teeth.
  • Fewer sores are caused in soft tissues, making them very comfortable to wear.

Insignia System Of Customized Orthodontics

Just like fingerprints, your smile is unique. INSIGNIA is a new digital Orthodontic system which combines 3D technology, advanced customized planning and design software with precise results.


  • Comfortable treatment with precise results.
  • Reduces treatment overall duration up to 25%.
  • Results can be predicted even before starting the treatment.

In Our Clinic We Also Offer Services Including

• Brackets Metálicos Damon Q Cali

Damon Q Braces

Brackets Transparente Damon Clear

Damon Clear Transparent Braces (Ceramic braces that mimic the teeth color)

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